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Record of Decision


The Record of Decision (ROD) documents Reclamation's decision to enter into contracts with the Participants (Colorado Springs, Fountain, Security, and Pueblo West). This decision allows the following Federal actions to be approved by Reclamation to implement construction and operation of the Participants’ Proposed Action.

  • Execution of up-to-40-year contracts between Reclamation and the Project Participants for use of the Eastern Slope System of the Fry-Ark Project in Colorado for storage, conveyance and exchange
  • Issuance of a special use permit or other agreement from Reclamation to the Participants allowing connection of the SDS Project pipeline to Reclamation facilities
  • Approval of an administrative trade (“swap”) between Colorado Springs and Fountain of an equal amount of capacity in the FVA pipeline for capacity in the SDS Project untreated water pipeline and water treatment plant

The environmental and technical evaluations performed as part of the FEIS indicate that all six of the Action Alternatives considered in detail are reasonable. Reclamation compared all of the alternatives in terms of how well they addressed the ten public scoping issues and other relevant environmental and non-environmental issues identified by Reclamation during the FEIS process, including energy use and estimated costs. Based upon these considerations, Reclamation identified the Participants’ Proposed Action as the Agency Preferred Alternative in the FEIS.

All alternatives would have adverse environmental effects. The Participants’ Proposed Action would result in similar or fewer environmental effects when compared to the other alternatives. Additionally, this alternative would have the lowest total project cost and lowest energy use requirements, resulting in the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, of any Action Alternative. All of the Action Alternatives were developed to address specific environmental issues or meet public interest objectives. However, the other alternatives would have adverse environmental effects on other resources, would have a higher total cost, and would require at least as much or substantially more energy than the Participants’ Proposed Action. There would be no impacts to Indian trust assets (ITA) and no unresolved ITA issues.

Download the Record of Decision

Substantive Comments on the FEIS

Two letters containing substantive comments were received during the 30-day waiting period after the FEIS was published. Responses to these comments can be found in the ROD. PDF versions of the comment letters are available for review below. Comment letters are numbered for tracking purposes. Comments on the FEIS begin at number 500, to distinguish them from DEIS comments and Supplemental Information Report comments.

500 - Dave Miller (495 KB)
501 - Larry Svoboda, Environmental Protection Agency (1.0 MB)